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We have studied on relied on the help and fabulous work of Professor Pollack and his University Team in the USA and over 15 years of his work and investigation in to water. This is the basis of our own research. We make no claims but just summarise some of his findings for educational information only


Please watch some of these videos and short introduction on how there might be potential energy from water and ice according to Professor Pollack

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13 minute one below


According to Dr Pollack (World expert in Water)- please look at his site

According to Dr Pollack about holy waters: - for information only

‘’Water samples taken from the river Ganges and from Lourdes in France have been measured, suggesting these ‘holy waters’ contain high amounts of natural potential energy structured water. There is compelling evidence that structured water is indeed life-saving’’ He says – the structure of this water is H3O2 (Not H20) – this type of water holds energy and the energy comes naturally from specific wavelengths of sun light’’

We also have spent a month looking at the natural waters in Lourdes, The Ganges, Blue Zones, Hunza water and Water from L’ Avene where geographically the average length of life might possibly appear to be longer

It fits in with Professor Pollacks work. We emphasise that we make no claims

According to Dr Pollack –‘’Glacial ice and melt is a perfect way to get structured water.  Lot of people have known that this water is really good for your health’’

So at the heart of our water might be this special type of water from the Hills and this fills the stream that comes from underground source in our property in Mid Wales. This water is used every day by local dwellings and used to supply the local village until it grew too large. Because it still supplies local houses this water is regularly measured and checked by the local council for high purity and might be similar to the sort of structure as that water Dr Pollack discusses.

The water from our stream has no additives also contains natural minerals and meets the highest standards and health and safety. Does not contain heavy metals or poisons –This is classified as ‘Tap water’ from a Private source and has to be regularly checked by the local council and analysed independently to meet and comply with much higher standards than ordinary bottled water or ordinary ice. It is checked regularly by the council and complies with Private water supplies (Wales) Regulations 2017category low risk


History for information only

Water in this area in Wales also has a history of being similar to Blessed Well water

Extract From - Exploring the ancient holy wells and healing wells of North Wales

Also it is believed efficacy for curing rheumatism and scorbutic complaints are noted in the inventory of the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments. This information is repeated by Jones in his Holy Wells of Wales (1954).

This water source has been taken into the care of the local community council who have placed a name plate by the kissing gate at the roadside leading to the well and also provided a board beside the well outlining its legend. Here we read that

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