Mother Nature’s Secret Revealed!


I’m David Foster as part of my University degree I studied Chemistry and Biochemistry. I work in Bioenergetics – how the body creates and uses energy.

I embarked on a study of light, water and oxygen – fundamental to life, energy and ageing. My fuel was passion and fascination to understand Mother Nature’s secret.

My study took in over 3000 scientific papers + 30 years of NASA work and 10 years research into water (especially Dr Pollack and his Team)

In a sense I was simply studying Mother Nature and as Einstein said "Look deep into Nature, and you will understand everything better"

I found the science behind the power of certain wavelengths of light and fresh pure water as they combine in dynamic synergy. I even had the lights we used tried and tested and they are now CE approved. So the SOS system we designed is safe and there have been no side effects from the Ice or water. 6 specific wavelengths of light combining with fresh water as in nature are the key.

The SOS sort of water is the kind that your body needs for great hydration and healthy cells. This water is negatively charged. At a cellular level it became clear that your cells acted like batteries and as such could store potential energy as the cells became more effective and efficient. So as we are approx 99% water measured in molecules then we are made up of billions of batteries for power!

Recharge your Batteries!

Charged Ice Energy

Nasa image of charged ice energy

I was determined to combine this natural power into a product and have ended up, after 3 years, with this sort of water. ICE MELT/Water has a 7 stage filtering process and is enriched by light with extra natural energy. When frozen into ice this water retains its energy long term - until it melts. This water + ice is like a glacier (or iceberg) that can store energy and release it on melting. The ice cubes are like a shot of sunshine rammed with natural energy and the water is ideal for hydration of the cells.

There are many applications for general health, weight loss pain relief etc. Mother Nature is my Hero because I have spent 3 years copying how it used to be – when we drank fresh water from streams and spent much more time in natural daylight. We call this system Mother Nature SOS (Secret of sunshine or shot of sunshine)

I thank everyone who has put up with me during the last few years in my search and my desire for perfection –I could not have done it without them. I humbly hope that I can help others as I have helped myself with natural energy, health and weight loss

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