Terahertz Blue Light Therapy

Terahertz Chips + Quantum + Optical Quartz + Negative Ion + Blue Light Therapy

The active terahertz energy light waves can penetrate 20-30CM of the human body (manual massage can penetrate 2-3CM, and general instruments can reach 6-7CM), quickly dredge the meridians, lymph nodes, improve microcirculation, expel cold and dampness, and soften knots.

Quick results may in 3 minutes to relieve itching, 10 minutes to relieve pain, 20 minutes to clear meridians and collaterals.

Terahertz Blue Light
Terahertz Pain Relief
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Blue Light
Blue light is a high-energy, high-penetration visible light with a wavelength of 380 to 500 nanometers. It might help change the cell structure, kill bacteria, provide a suitable environment for new cells,’ promote the production of new collagen and collagen, and promote cell growth. It might help repair inflamed acne-prone aging skin.

 Terahertz Blue Light Therapy

Blue Light and Science

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How it may help with pain - Results
Blue light substantially reduced spontaneous pain as assessed by numeric rating scale pain scoring. Similarly, pain quality was significantly altered as assessed by the German counterpart of the McGill Pain Questionnaire. Furthermore, blue light showed antihyperalgesic, antiallodynic, and antihypesthesic effects in contrast to red light or thermal control treatment. Conclusion: Blue-light phototherapy ameliorates pain intensity and quality in a human experimental pain model and reveals antihyperalgesic, antiallodynic, and antihypesthesic effects. Therefore, blue-light phototherapy may be a novel approach to treat pain in multiple conditions.

A regimen to minimize pain during blue light photodynamic therapy of actinic keratoses: Bilaterally controlled, randomized trial of simultaneous versus conventional illumination
Urvashi Kaw, MD, Muneeb Ilyas, DO, [...], and Cleveland, Ohio

When warm or hot air blows towards the human body, it might help speed up blood circulation, helps to open the capillaries, and makes it easier for the terahertz frequency to penetrate the skin and reach deep into the human body.

Is terahertz radiation ionizing?
The terahertz (THz) band lies between microwave and infrared rays in wavelength and consists of non-ionizing radiation. This means that it will not split water’
However our sunstreams water is naturally ionised, alkaline and synergistically complements and helps it in the process. This means that our water is designed to help * see our section on water.
Read more abour our water

Experimental proof
The application experience of terahertz radiation for osteoarthritis of the knee
The aim of this work was to increase the effectiveness of treatment in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee by including in the treatment complex procedures of electromagnetic radiation of the terahertz range.
This study was prospective and randomized. 65 patients were examined and treated. They were divided into 2 groups comparable to sex, age, disease type, and severity.
 All patients received basic therapy, including drugs and exercise therapy. In addition to the basic treatment, the patients of the main group underwent a course of terahertz therapy using the Emir device with a ceramic coating of the emitter.
The study revealed that the procedures of terahertz therapy are well tolerated by patients, do not cause exacerbation and are combined with other methods of treatment of gonarthrosis.
Repeated studies at the end of the course of treatment showed that the inclusion of terahertz radiation in the therapeutic complex has a positive effect on the main clinical symptoms of the disease, reducing the intensity of pain in the knee joints and improving their functional state, having a favorable effect on the state of local hemodynamics.

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